Noida Authority Unveils Progress on Ongoing Projects; Emphasizes Development of Food Zones, Cyclotron, and Swimming Pool


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    Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari recently presented a comprehensive update on the numerous ongoing projects in Noida. From infrastructural development to community initiatives, the overview covered a wide range of areas, showcasing the city’s commitment to progress and growth.

    One of the notable highlights of the presentation was the city’s plan to establish food zones reminiscent of the renowned Food Street concept. These dedicated areas will serve as vibrant culinary hubs, catering to the diverse tastes of Noida’s residents and visitors.

    To nurture sports talent and encourage physical activity, Noida has introduced a cyclothon and a swimming pool at the Noida Stadium. These facilities will provide a platform for athletes and enthusiasts to hone their skills and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Furthermore, the administration office being constructed in Noida Sector-96 will have its interior designed in a corporate culture style, reflecting the city’s modern and professional approach. This endeavor aims to create a conducive environment for effective governance and efficient service delivery.

    While progress has been promising, there have been delays in the tendering process for development works in a specific circle. Consequently, officials responsible for the delay will receive warnings to ensure timely execution. Additionally, damaged paintwork in various areas will be repainted, with priority given to flyovers, underpasses, and main roads.

    Operation Kaya Kalp, an initiative focused on enhancing ponds and schools in Noida villages, is making strides. Detailed updates regarding its progress are expected to be available by May 10, offering valuable insights into the positive impact of this project.

    Addressing the need for adequate parking facilities, Noida Authority emphasizes the provision of parking spaces in the Noida Sector-126 vending zone. Furthermore, maintaining cleanliness in the multi-level parking area is crucial, with strict enforcement against illegal parking to ensure smooth traffic flow.

    In the coming days, Noida will witness the commencement of horticulture work at the under-construction golf course in Sector-151 A. Simultaneously, the advanced subway construction is set to reach completion, benefiting commuters in the area. The city authorities are also collaborating with the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) to devise an effective plan for the flyover construction at Parthala Chowk, aiming to alleviate traffic congestion on the roundabout beneath the flyover.

    As part of their commitment to beautification, Noida Authority is expediting work on the G-20 project, which will enhance the city’s aesthetic appeal and create a pleasant environment for its residents and visitors alike.

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    The presentation, scheduled for Monday, will be attended by key officials including ACEO Satish Pal, OSD, DGM, and other esteemed individuals who play vital roles in driving these projects to fruition.


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