Gurugram Authorities Demand Safety Audit for Chintels Paradiso Towers A, B, and C


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    The Gurugram district administration has taken a proactive stance to address safety concerns in the Chintels Paradiso housing complex, situated in Sector 109 near Dwarka Expressway. In the wake of a tragic incident that occurred on February 10, 2022, when a portion of the sixth floor of Tower D collapsed, resulting in the loss of two lives, the authorities are taking steps to ensure the safety of residents.

    In a meeting held on October 13, Additional Deputy Commissioner Hitesh Kumar Meena met with the complex’s residents and representatives of the developer to discuss critical safety measures. It was during this meeting that the administration issued a directive to the developer of Chintels Paradiso, instructing them to conduct a structural safety audit of Towers A, B, and C. The developer is expected to submit the audit report by January 2024.

    The safety concerns initially led to the declaration of Towers D, E, F, G, and H as unsafe for habitation by IIT Delhi, with a recommendation for evacuation. While Towers A, B, and C were not deemed unsafe at the moment, there were signs of deterioration. To address these concerns, IIT Delhi recommended regular audits for these towers as well.

    Mr. Meena stated, “We have directed the builder to get the structural safety audit of Towers A, B, and C conducted by CBRI and submit a report to the administration by January 2024. The audit will consist of visual inspections along with other sample testing.” Additionally, the audit report for Tower J is pending and is expected to be submitted to the administration by the end of this month.

    This week, the Gurugram administration also issued an order for the occupants of Tower H to vacate the building within 15 days. The residents of Tower H were urged to vacate their flats as soon as possible.

    The administration has also emphasized the need for the developer to expedite the process of settling issues with affected homebuyers. According to Mr. Meena, 75 residents have received full payments from the developer. Out of the 288 flats in Towers D, E, F, G, and H, 121 residents have consented to a settlement, and 106 homebuyers have signed the agreement, receiving 10 percent of the full settlement payment.

    Rakesh Hooda, President of the Residents Welfare Association of Chintels Paradiso Society, noted that the visual inspection of Towers A, B, and C is expected to commence soon. Concerns regarding the developer’s improper maintenance of the towers were also addressed during the meeting.

    As of now, there has been no response from the developer, Chintels India, regarding these recent developments.

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