Supertech Twin Towers Demolition Site Set to Transform into Park, Residents’ Initiative Claims Ownership


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    Noida, Sector 93A – In response to the dramatic demolition of the Supertech twin towers a year ago, the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Supertech Emerald Court has put forth an ambitious proposal to convert the cleared demolition site into a recreational park. The association asserts its ownership over the land, citing its affiliation with the Emerald Project.

    Amidst the towering controversy that surrounded the demolition, the Supreme Court-mandated removal of the Supertech twin towers is now manifest in a site devoid of debris. With this clean slate, the RWA has revealed plans for a park to grace the vacated land. Sources familiar with the matter anticipate that the planning and design phase for the proposed park will commence within a month.

    According to Udaybhan Singh Teotia, President of the Emerald Court Residents Welfare Association, the RWA has already communicated its land ownership claims to the Noida Authority. Moreover, Teotia highlighted that the association envisions a park with children’s play areas and green spaces, without any intentions of erecting buildings or imposing extensive concrete structures. Should any construction project arise in the future, the RWA pledges to obtain the necessary permissions from the Authority.

    While the RWA is firmly resolved in its stance, the developer of the twin towers, Supertech, has refrained from providing any comments on the matter.

    The twin towers, soaring nearly 100 meters in height, were obliterated on August 28, 2022, employing the innovative ‘waterfall implosion’ technique. The demolition was executed pursuant to a Supreme Court decree to dismantle the unauthorized structures, which were even taller than the iconic Qutub Minar. Standing tall as a milestone in the history of deconstruction in India, the Apex and Ceyane towers at Emerald Court marked the highest structures to be razed in the country.

    Teotia confirmed that the vestiges of the razed towers have been successfully cleared, yielding a vacant expanse of approximately two acres. Responding to the aspirations of the community, the RWA has set in motion plans for a park, with a slated engagement of an architect in the upcoming month to sculpt the landscape.

    Greenery, thoughtfully designed pathways, and child-friendly recreational zones are expected to be the park’s highlights, reflecting the community’s desire for an engaging and serene space.

    Coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the towers’ demolition, August 28 has been commemorated by the society’s residents as Victory Day. As an unofficial moniker, the site has been christened “Vijay Path” (Path of Victory). The dismantling of the towering structures has ushered in a renewed sense of openness, sunlight, and verdant views for the residents. With the upcoming park envisioned, the community’s anticipation of an enhanced living environment continues to grow.

    Legal Chronicles

    The Supreme Court’s ruling on August 31, 2021, laid bare the collusive efforts of New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) and the builder in erecting the twin towers without obtaining the necessary consent from flat owners, as mandated by the Uttar Pradesh Apartment Act. This directive favored the residents, leading to the court’s verdict to demolish the towers.

    Although the court specified a three-month deadline for debris removal post-demolition, the process stretched out over a span of 8 to 9 months, culminating in a pristine landscape.

    Parallel to the tower’s collapse, a separate investigation instigated by the UP government delves into the roles of Noida Authority officials in the twin towers’ saga, an inquiry that remains ongoing.


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