Takara Standard Debuts at ACETECH, Sets Sights on Indian Market


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    New Delhi, December 15, 2023 – Takara Standard, weighing entry into the Indian market, sees promise in its endeavor to expand overseas and cater to evolving consumer needs. With its innovative enameled “HORO” built-in kitchens designed for the Indian populace, the company envisions enhancing comfort amid the country’s shifting lifestyles.

    The enameled kitchen systems, featuring high-quality enamel surfaces, promise easy cleaning, a significant advantage for Indian consumers managing oil-intensive cooking. Additionally, the steel base mitigates risks of termite damage and corrosion due to moisture.

    Considering this move as part of its ambitious goal to elevate overseas sales to 10 billion JPY by FY 2030, Takara Standard is set to make its debut at ACETECH New Delhi. This strategic showcase aims to spotlight its unique enameled built-in kitchens, highlighting durability and easy maintenance. This marks the company’s premiere appearance in India, where it presently lacks product distribution channels.

    The company will display two flagship models of its exclusive enameled system kitchens at the event, gauging local market responses to its proprietary offerings. Takara Standard’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, employing easily recyclable materials and eschewing adhesives in assembly, aligns with India’s sustainability objectives.

    Founded in 1912 in Japan as an enamel cast ironware manufacturer, Takara Standard’s groundbreaking introduction of the world’s first enamel system kitchen in 1967 positioned it as a leading residential equipment provider, dominating kitchen sales in Japan. Its international expansion since 2015 has yielded steady growth, notably in East Asia encompassing China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

    Takara Standard’s Innovation – The HORO Material:

    The company’s unique “HORO” material blends iron’s strength with glass’s elegance. Takara Standard’s proprietary HORO material, developed over years, boasts durability surpassing ordinary enamel products. Featuring a glass layer fortified by iron’s resilience, the surface delivers robustness against impacts, dirt, and moisture. Its adaptability extends to varied surface designs, including a new matte finish, offering diverse options.

    The Strengths of Takara Standard’s HORO Material:
    • Quick water wipe for easy cleaning
    • Resistance to moisture, mold, and scratches
    • Magnetic properties for family message board use
    • Remarkable shock and crack resistance
    • Ink jet printing technology for a wide color spectrum
    • Compatibility with permanent marker pens, erasable with water
    • Heat and odor resistance, ensuring durability
    • Environmental friendliness – easily recyclable material with no adhesive usage
    About Takara Standard:

    Established in 1912, Takara Standard specializes in manufacturing and selling housing equipment, particularly kitchen and bathroom systems. With a legacy of 111 years, the company pursues innovations in enameled products to cater to the ever-evolving needs of customers, aiming to offer comfort and sophistication in lifestyle solutions.

    • Established: May 30, 1912
    • Sales (consolidated): 227.4 billion Japanese yen (1.69 billion dollars, fiscal year ended March 31, 2023. Currency rate as of May 2023)
    • Employees (consolidated): 6,445 (as of March 11, 2023)

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