Uttar Pradesh RERA Calls for Enhanced Communication from Real Estate Promoters


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    The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP RERA) has issued new directives to real estate project promoters, aiming to bolster communication and transparency. In an effort to ensure uninterrupted correspondence, UP RERA now mandates that promoters provide a detailed profile of their authorized representatives for communication purposes.

    These directives come as a response to challenges UP RERA has faced in maintaining effective communication with promoters, including issues with non-functional or inaccessible contact numbers provided during project registration. Such hindrances can impact the regulatory authority’s ability to interact with stakeholders involved in real estate projects.

    To address these challenges, UP RERA has introduced stringent guidelines for promoters. They are now required to furnish comprehensive information about their authorized representatives, including:

    1. Personal Details:
      • Name: The full name of the authorized representative.
      • Designation: The official title or position of the authorized representative.
      • Residential Address: The residential address of the authorized representative.
      • Office Address: The official office address of the authorized representative.
    2. Contact Information:
      • Mobile Number: A functional and actively monitored mobile number.
      • E-mail ID: A valid email address for electronic correspondence.

    Furthermore, promoters must ensure that if a helpline number is provided for any project, it remains active and capable of providing prompt responses to consumers and buyers.

    In all correspondence with UP RERA, the name, designation, and mobile number of the sender must be explicitly stated. To facilitate this process, UP RERA has also urged promoters to make the details of their authorized representatives available at both the headquarters and regional offices of UP RERA.

    Pramod Kumar Upadhyay, Secretary of UP RERA, emphasized the vital role that promoters play in the real estate sector and the importance of their accountability and availability. This directive not only enhances credibility but also ensures official and transparent communication channels.

    These guidelines represent a significant step towards fostering greater transparency and accountability within the Uttar Pradesh real estate industry. UP RERA remains committed to creating a conducive environment for all stakeholders participating in real estate projects.

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