Hyderabad’s Real Estate Development: An Unmatched Success Story for Other Cities


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    In recent times, Hyderabad’s real estate sector has been making waves with its rapid and remarkable development, attracting builders and developers from various cities who are eager to learn from its success. The city’s growing reputation has prompted a 250-member team from Maharashtra to plan a visit to Hyderabad, following a previous delegation from the Youth Wing of the Maharashtra Builders Association who visited last year.

    CREDAI National Secretary, G Rami Reddy, highlighted the phenomenal growth of Hyderabad in the last seven years. The city’s progress in fields like pharmaceuticals, industries, IT, and life sciences has triggered a positive impact on the real estate sector. Notably, Hyderabad is witnessing the construction of skyscrapers, with a significant number of high-rise structures comparable only to Mumbai.

    What sets Hyderabad apart from other cities is its diversity in real estate offerings. The city boasts luxurious villas priced between Rs 3 crore to Rs 30 crore and apartments ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 per sqft. This range of options is unparalleled and has attracted builders seeking lucrative opportunities.

    One aspect drawing particular attention is the adoption of advanced construction technologies, such as complete aluminum form work, which facilitates cast in-place concrete structures. Builders from other regions are keen on learning about these innovative techniques.

    Architects, builders, and contractors are also captivated by the well-designed clubhouses in several gated communities, as well as the equal emphasis on landscaping in projects.

    During these study tours, participants delve into all aspects of construction, from foundation to finishing, and explore the market potential. The transparent approval process for building permits, without political corruption, is another differentiating factor making Hyderabad stand out from many major cities.

    Hyderabad’s real estate development is not limited to the urban areas alone; even rural areas in Telangana are witnessing magnificent buildings. This reflects the increased affordability of the people in the region and the focus on modern building practices.

    Builders from Delhi NCR and Kolkata are also showing keen interest in exploring Hyderabad’s commercial space, warehouses, and residential structures. The city’s major advantage lies in its robust infrastructure, including well-planned link roads, flyovers, and underpasses that have eased traffic congestion, making it a highly attractive destination for builders and developers.

    In conclusion, Hyderabad’s real estate sector has become a thriving case study for other states. Its exceptional growth, diverse property offerings, adoption of advanced technologies, transparent approval processes, and robust infrastructure have garnered attention and admiration from builders and developers nationwide. As Hyderabad continues to flourish, it remains an inspiration and model for real estate development across the country.

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